June 2, 2021, has arrived

Cam.TV launched its STO fundraising campaign...

June 2, 2021, has arrived

Cam.TV launched its STO fundraising campaign...

A Security Token is a financial instrument...

The STO (Security Token Offering), on the other hand, is a fundraising campaign authorized by the financial authorities (Austrian) taking place through the issuance on the market of tokenized financial instruments, the Security Token.

In the fundraising campaign started on June 2, 2021,
Cam.TV will sell its Security Tokens in exchange for a cash investment.

The Security Token of Cam.TV is a stock that contains a RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE REVENUES of Cam.TV (the higher the investment, the more Tokens issued to the subject, the higher the royalties he/she receives).

The subject receives royalties - according to the distribution rules - once a month on the revenues generated by the Platform (then the earnings are taxed according to the subject's country of residence).

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How Cam.TV works

In Cam.TV there are two types of users:

  1. Consumers are simple subscribers who navigate the platform to follow specific thematic channels. They can purchase courses, videos, live or paid articles, or make free donations to support their favorite content creators.
  2. The main actors of the platform are the Creators, expert users, or simple enthusiasts of a specific field. They create their thematic channel where they insert activities, skills, and interests. They share Live, Videos, Consultations, Articles, Posts, and Courses in free or paid mode.

Each Channel is visible both inside and outside Cam.TV. The Platform has a very powerful SEO indexing, and anyone can easily find all content on search engines.

Many professionals use Cam.TV as a website/blog to expand their business on the web.


How does Cam.TV earn money?

  1. Subscription: the Freemium (Free+Premium) model of Cam.TV foresees the consultation and publication of content for free. However, three subscription plans are available (Basic, Advanced, and Professional) to access training, support, and more advanced professional tools.
  2. Commission: Cam.TV earns a commission - from 5% to 20% - on all transactions (for example, when the Creator sells a paid content or receives a free donation).
  3. Advertising: Cam.TV also earns money thanks to all advertisements consisting of Self Service questionnaires. The budget provided by the advertiser is divided between Cam.TV and all targeted users who respond to surveys.


Inside Cam.TV there is a project UNIQUE IN THE WORLD:

The emergence of an NFT - Not-Fungible Token - on copyrights (a project under development that will be completed by the end of 2021). The NFT is an encrypted certificate of authenticity linked to the Creators' content. 

In a nutshell, the Creator becomes the only owner of his content (it's like copyright). At that point, he/she can share its value by reselling the copyright and the distribution of royalties.

This innovation is UNIQUE IN THE WORLD, do you know why? The request to obtain the copyright on specific content (such as a song, a video, or a simple article) usually requires a long time and a lot of bureaucracy. In this case, it happens instantly! 



Why has Cam.TV launched its fundraising campaign with STO?

Cam.TV's STO is among the first fundraising campaigns in Europe through tokenized financial instruments with full compliance.

We decided to launch the fundraising campaign because we are at a new stage of the Cam.TV project.

Our goal is to:

  • Internationalize the Platform
  • Increase the number of subscribers
  • Add new features such as NFT, Membership creation, multi-user Broadcasts, and much more...

Why invest in the Cam.TV STO fundraising campaign?

  1. You have a RIGHT TO SHARE IN THE REVENUES OF CAM.TV. Every month you get paid based on the turnover generated by the Platform. Also, the value of the token is directly related to business volume.

    However, in the traditional investment in shares of unlisted and listed companies, you are paid at the end of the year on the profits (and only if the company’s board of directors does NOT decide to reinvest the earnings).

  2. You save on investment costs (unlike the purchase of shares of companies, you do NOT need a notary or a public intermediary to purchase tokens) 

  3. Selling Cam.TV tokens is easier and faster than buying and selling the shares of a company (which requires a notarial deed for S.r.l and an intermediary for listed companies).

  4. Cam.TV is a platform with a turnover, volumes of traffic, and actual users (you don't just invest in the idea but in a concrete and rapidly expanding product, which already has over 400,000 subscribers and 6,000 subscribers)

  5. The impending introduction of NFT (in the form of digital copyright) is revolutionizing the copyright world. Compared to the SIAE's time-consuming and bureaucratic method, this technology speeds up and streamlines the copyright acquisition process. Plus, authenticating certain content will also become a barrier against fake news!

  6. Invest in an ethical project, which finally puts the user at the center and does not exploit him by using his personal data. On the contrary: it generates value and wealth thanks to a shared economy ecosystem that allows anyone to enhance their digital content and monetize a passion or expertise.
  1. If the company is loss-making, you do NOT have to participate in a new capitalization. No one will ask for money from you! (in fact, you are NOT buying shares) 


If this opportunity interests you, please contact us to receive more information and details, without any commitment.


We answer your questions

What is a STO (Security Token Offering)?

A Security Token Offering is a time-limited campaign of issuing securities at a predetermined nominal value. A STO campaign is always related to an information prospectus approved by the supervisory authority of the country of reference. Security Token (tokenized financial instruments) can have a different nature, the most classic are company’s shares. In the case of Cam.TV, CAM Token are turnover participation rights of Cam.TV platform.

How does Cam.TV STO work?

Cam.TV STO aims to gather new resources for research, development, innovation and internationalization through the offer of Security Token containing the right to participate in the platform's turnover. In this way all investors will be able to actively participate in the improvement of Cam.TV and receive royalties on turnover.

Who is the Issuer of Cam.TV Security Token?

The Issuer of the securities is Digital Fastlane DF GmbH, a limited liability company based in the Republic of Austria and registered in the Austrian Register of Companies. The company was founded in Austria because the Austrian legal framework, when Cam.TV STO project was created, was the only one in Europe that allowed the creation of a full compliance Security Token, that means a Security Token fully compliant with regulations related to issuing financial instruments on regulated markets. Digital Fastlane owns the trademark and rights of the Cam.TV platform.

What are the features of CAM Security Token?

Cam.TV uses ERC-20 Token based on Ethereum Blockchain. CAM Token are rights of participation in the turnover of Cam.TV due to the holders. Participation rights are tokenized, which implies that they are linked to the possession of the respective CAM Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Unlike cryptocurrencies, Token are not divisible: the minimum unit is 1 Token. In total, up to EUR 43,750,000 of tokenized Participation Rights will be issued, divided into a maximum of 35,000,000 individual pieces with a nominal value of EUR 1.25 each. Of the 35.000.000 token, 15.000.000 token are floating and dedicated to the new participations for a value of EUR 18.750.000; the remaining EUR 25.000.000, equal to 20.000.000 token, are dedicated to holders of the voucher that they can convert during the STO campaign.

What are the conditions of the investment and what is the timeline?

Investors can purchase CAM Security Token from 2 June 2021 to 31 December 2021. The minimum subscription amount is 800 pieces. The issue price of Security Token changes over time according to a predefined calendar that ensures a higher discount percentage to investors who will buy Token first.

Where can I buy Cam.TV Security Token?

From 2 June 2021 it will be possible to subscribe to the purchase of CAM Token online through the financial intermediary Black Manta Capital, a figure necessary to conclude financial sales contracts to the retail public. Black Manta Capital will be responsible for the KYC (Know Your Customer) recognition process, necessary to verify the identity of each investor before signing the contract.

What happens after Token purchase?

After the purchase, CAM Token will be credited to the investor's wallet. Cam.TV has created a specific wallet for CAM Token, but the securities can be credited to any type of wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens (it is necessary to communicate the wallet used when signing the contract). The smart contract provides that Token will remain locked inside the wallet until 23:59 on 31/12/2022: starting from 1 January 2023 it will be possible to sell Token to another investor (which must be present in Cam.TV whitelist) or exchange them on a Token Exchange. Exclusively for tickets of more than 300.000 Token it will be possible to convert the securities into 0.5% equity of the Digital Fastlane company.

What royalties do CAM Token holders receive?

Starting from 1 January 2022, CAM Token holders will participate in the turnover of Cam.TV platform. By "turnover" we mean the sum of the amounts derived from the sales of products and the provision of services on Cam.TV platform. The turnover of Cam.TV, excluding marketing expenses, will be divided among all CAM Token holders: each tokenized participation right participates in 0.000001% of the revenues.

How does royalties distribution work?

Distributions are made on the fifth business day of each calendar month if the threshold of € 1.000.000 is reached. Investors will receive royalties in euro by communicating their IBAN. The investor receives revenue in gross format. The income from Token must be declared in the Income Tax Return and will be subject to taxation according to the legislation of the country of reference.

What are the main risks of securities?

CAM Token are rights to participate in the turnover of the platform: if Cam.TV does not produce profitability, Token holders will not receive any compensation. Unlike traditional shares, Cam.TV Security Token are subordinated bonds and are not linked to particular charges: this means that, in case of a hypothetical bankruptcy of the company, Token holders will not be required to cover any kind of expense.

What is Cam.TV platform?

Cam.TV is a knowledge sharing Social Company based on the sharing of valuable content - of any type - by each user using an online platform. Cam.TV mission is to create a community based on a circular economy model that allows users to learn, share information and experiences and monetize their passions.

How was Cam.TV platform born?

Cam.TV platform was born thanks to a Crowdfunding campaign: in 2018 Cam.TV raised over 3 million euro, winning the primacy of the Crowdfunding campaign that raised the most funds in Italy. The financiers of this campaign are the "Founders" of Cam.TV.

Who are Cam.TV users?

All users of Cam.TV platform are called “Creators” and "Users". Anyone can join Cam.TV for free and use the platform as a social network. Users - generally professionals and experts - who use Cam.TV platform for digital sharing of their know-how are called "Creators". Creators monetize the sharing of their skills by sharing them with the community through a personal digital channel visible on the platform and on search engines.

What are Cam.TV forms of membership for users?

In addition to the traditional free subscription to the platform, Cam.TV provides for Creators who wish to monetize their know-how in a structured way three types of subscription that give access to additional features and tools: Basic (6.50 Euro per month), Advanced (40 Euro per month) and Professional (122.50 Euro per month).

How do you join the Cam.TV community?

Anyone can register for free on Cam.TV directly online on the page www.cam.tv. It is possible to create a Cam.TV profile either by classic registration with email and password, or by logging in with Facebook, Google and Amazon. The authentication of the profile ends with telephone number verification. Even the passage from simple user to Creator takes place for free on www.cam.tv/diventa-creator.

What types of content does Cam.TV host?

Cam.TV hosts multiple types of content: from multimedia and textual content accessible to all, to video lessons and insights from industry experts accessible by payment. In fact, Cam.TV is based on the Blockchain and allows you to make secure and certified card payments directly on the platform and instant donations via LKSCOIN cryptocurrency.


How does the business model of Cam.TV work?

Cam.TV is a knowledge marketplace where users can share content and independently decide to make them available for free or by payment. Cam.TV users can generate revenues both from sharing their own content and by exchanging “likes” on the platform. In fact, on Cam.TV every “like” has a real monetary value paid in LKSCOIN cryptocurrency. Creators can exchange LKSCOIN to support themselves.

How does Cam.TV generate revenues?

Cam.TV receives a fee both on payments made on the platform and on the LKSCOIN exchange. Cam.TV also sells additional products dedicated to Creators such as: sales funnel, channels, data storage space, customized web domains and advertising.

What is LKSCOIN and how it is used on Cam.TV?

Currently integrated in Cam.TV and used by over 368.000 users, LKSCOIN is a cryptocurrency created by LKS Foundation specifically designed to remunerate online content creators through rapid microtransactions directly on the platform. Currently over 40.000 LKSCOIN transactions are broadcast on Cam.TV every day.

What are NFT and how will they become part of Cam.TV world?

Starting from the already active exchange of LKSCOIN on the platform, Cam.TV aims to create a platform that allows to limit fake news and protect copyright online. This goal can be achieved through the integration into the platform of a Non Fungible Token (NFT), designed by Cam.TV and LKS Foundation: this is a non-replicable or divisible digital certificate of authenticity which guarantees a real copyright in tokenized form to online content creators.